Wealthy Affiliate Membership – Grandparents and Retirees Earn Cash

I am a new grandparent, and will soon be a retiree. And I am NOT prepared. I decided that I needed to do something, and do something quick! I researched a LOT. Armed with what I already knew and what I found out, I knew that affiliate marketing was the way for me to go. In this article I’m going to tell you about my Wealthy Affiliate membership, and what it will do for my pending retirement. Hopefully you will see something in this article that will help you decide if you need a Wealthy Affiliate Membership, too.

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Wealthy Affiliate MembershipWorld Class Training

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want. I completed the OEC training, and, because I did all the assignments within the training, I have a fully functional website that is ranked on Google. I have over 60 posts, plus a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Wealthy Affiliate puts the training you receive into use right away, so you can see the real world effects of what you are learning.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because the assignments for each lesson in the modules cover an aspect of getting the website up and functioning. They start you with getting a domain name, then help you set up your site on Woodpress. Next they get you researching keywords and phrases, and then optimizing your site for Google ranking. Then they teach you how to create content that is interesting and informative to your readers.

Also, invaluable, is the live training sessions every Friday night. There you learn a lot of up-to-date tricks of the trade, and are able to ask questions of the facilitator.

You’ll Never Run Out of Training

I am currently completing the Affiliate Challenge Boot Camp training, where I will learn how to make money with my site. This includes 7 training modules that showcase learning to know your audience, working with visuals, and optimizing your site to get seen by the biggest group of people.

There are 13 additional classrooms that cover technical aspects of creating and maintaining a website.

Then there’s the giant training library, full of videos and tutorials that cover everything from working with HTML snippets, to working with WordPress plugins that allow you to track followers and create news letters.

The training is world-class, and available to all who join Wealthy Affiliate. The training is extensive, and includes everything from beginning to advanced modules. ANYONE can learn from this incredible resource, so it’s ideal for a retiree from any occupation.

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What it Costs

Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership, and a premium membership that costs $49 per month.


What You Get for Your Money

Here’s a video giving you a tour of the Wealthy Affiliate platform:

Affiliate Marketing for Grand Parents

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to purchase your domain names through the site, therefore YOU own your domain name, and not Wealthy Affiliate. They also provide domain name searching tools.

Wealthy Affiliate provides keyword search through Jaaxy. They provide thousands of images in their image library that are free to use for any member.

Also available is Live Chat, Private Messaging, Comment and Feedback Request for your website, and a blogging tool within WA to document your journey and get feedback from other members.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Here you see my WA dashboard, where it has my next training module, my profile, and the live chat that goes on 24/7

A Community In Itself, Ideal for Retirees

You can meet people from all over the world who are involved in creating websites. It’s exciting to be able to share your insights with people who are experiencing the same successes and issues you are going through. You will find MANY retirees here, as well as young up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and older experienced bloggers who want to engage with YOU! It’s a really fun place to hang out.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a community with the attitude of paying it forward. Those who have been in the system for a while help the newbies.

Wealthy Affiliate MembershipYou are encouraged to engage with the community. They do this by ranking you within the community. Here you see my ranking as of this writing.  If you help out a lot, you are ranked in the top. There is an established set of ranking members (the top 200) that are considered the gurus of the site, and can be contacted through private messaging anytime you have a question.

There is also a credit system, where you receive credits for giving feedback or leaving site comments on other’s websites, but you must spend credits to ask for comments or feedback on your own website. So, you must pay it forward if you want the benefits of the community helping you. You don’t get to freeload!

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Learn How to Do Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate helps you set up affiliate relationships with literally millions of affiliate programs. I learned about affiliate marketing in college and always wanted to do it. Affiliate marketing is where you put a link on your website that takes your readers directly to a merchant, and you get paid by the merchant if the reader then buys something as a result to your link. My affiliate program already consists of several affiliate networks, giving me access to hundreds of merchants. Amazon is my main affiliate, as they make it really easy to join and promote their products.

Wealthy Affiliate also pays the members if they bring people into the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They have a Super Affiliate program where, if you get a certain amount of subscribers, you get an all-expense-paid trip to the WA conference in Las Vegas, which they hold in the spring every year, in addition to getting paid for each referral. Subscribers are chosen by the CEOs of WA, based on their activity on the site and their ranking. I was chosen to participate in the program for 2020.

Search Engine Optimization, Simplified

There is heavy emphasis on getting your website Search Engine Optimized (SEO). This is how your site gets traffic, and how you get recognized as an expert in your particular niche (subject of your website or blog). Wealthy Affiliate puts a lot of time and effort into training you to get your posts’ SEO working properly. There are bunches of ways to create SEO in your posts, and Wealthy Affiliate teaches you them all.

Other Perks

Wealthy Affiliate:

  • offers a free membership that gets you started with a fully functioning website.
  • doesn’t take your credit card info until you agree to become a premium member
  • hasn’t had a membership price increase in 12 years ($19 to start, $49 per month thereafter for premium membership)
  • doesn’t promise a get-rich-quick scheme. They only promise IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK that your website will make money.
  • stresses training and community
  • has CEOs that are available and will answer your questions at any time.
  • has a 24/7/365 support system that can answer any question you have
  • and many many many other benefits

More Info

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In Conclusion

Having tried to start a blog with affiliate marketing on my own, I know that Wealthy Affiliate offers just the training I needed to turn my dream into a reality. So far it’s been a lot of work, but the greatest thing is, that Wealthy Affiliate has not only made my work effective, but has made it fun too. They get you excited about your website, and help you make it pay. And they are with you when things go wrong, to help you fix whatever issues you have.

I’ve been saying that even if I don’t make any money at this affiliate marking website thing, I’m having fun with a very cheap hobby. But as I listen to the WA experts and watch what they do, I feel assured that I really will make money at doing this, my passion and my dream being realized, and my fears of retiring poor are alleviated.

So, if you are worried about retirement and how you’re going to survive, or just need something to do, go to Wealthy Affiliate and try their free membership, and see if you want to keep going with it. You can’t go wrong.

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Please put your comments below, and thank you so much for reading!

Rhonda Stetson


  1. Wow this is such a comprehensive review about Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for sharing a community for many retirees. I think that it is very important to have a goal in our life regardless of what stage you are in. Even though people who have retired should be relaxing and not worry about anything, I think sometimes it can be a little too bored to have nothing to do all day. Thus, I think this post is not only very informative but also provides an option to many retirees. I wish you the best in WA and I look forward to your future articles. Cheers!

    • Thanks Jayden for reading and commenting.  Yes, I think there are many retirees that can benefit from learning affiliate marking through Wealthy Affiliate.  Not only is there a boredom factor, but the worry of not having enough retirement money.  Thanks again for stopping by my website!  Rhonda

  2. Dear Rhonda,

    Thanks for the helpful and informative post. You have provided in-depth and detailed information.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate in November 2016 after doing research for nearly one month. As we all know there are many scams on the make money online products and programs. Since 2008 I lost nearly $4000+ to scams and products which under-delivers so I was skeptical and afraid to join WA but gave it a try.

    To cut the long story short…

    I am still with WA and since December 2017 I am a full-time blogger working from home, its a dream come true. When I lost money I lost my hope of making money online but I wanted to give a final try by joining WA. My only concern is why I didn’t join WA few years before itself, it would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money.

    Whether people believe it or not there is no alternative for TRUTH and the TRUTH is WA is the genuine training platform to learn about making money online. WA training works!

    Much Success!


    • Paul, thank you for your success story.  I’m so happy that you have tried Wealthy Affiliate and found it to be the real deal.  I am hoping my success is as great as yours.  Thanks for reading and commenting!  Rhonda

  3. I am so busy trying to learn the basics I completely forgot about all the other features you mentioned. So right when you said ‘You never run out of Training.’ have you been in any of the 13 classrooms?

    I should look into that because I am not happy with my website

    Have you been in the giant training library too? I would love to know how to use HTML snippets.

    I learned how to use the Pretty Links plugin last week to shorten links. Not sure if I have the plugin that track followers. Maybe you can tell more about that. 

    • Hello and thanks for your comments.  I am currently studying in one of the classrooms, the Super Affiliate Challenge for 2019 and 2020.  Every time I get into the training, I see those 12 other modules sitting there waiting for me to delve into them.  The training library comes up when you as a question.  A list pops up of all the training that could be related to your question.  It’s really quite something,

      I would be happy to help you with the HTML snippets.  I will contact you offline about that.  Thanks again for reading and posting. Rhonda

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