Tips for Writing a Good Post – Some Considerations When Writing Content


Tips for Writing a Good PostWhen I first started my websites, I had no idea what a good post was supposed to look like. I struggled through it, as you will be able to see from my first posts, if you care to peruse them. I began to think that people needed tips for writing a good post. So I put together what I have learned to help you grandparents polish up your posts and make them interesting and readable. So, here are my tips for writing a good post. I hope you learn what you need from them!

Think About Your Audience

Whom do you want to reach with the information you are about to write? You are likely trying to reach a specific type of person with your content. As an example, I am trying to reach grandparents who are retired or about to retire. So I try to gear all my posts to grandparents. Some grandparents aren’t as savvy when using computers, so I try to explain my content in easy-to-follow terms, and I use subject matter that we tail-end baby-boomers are likely to be interested in. Be sure you think about the person you are writing to, and you will post something that will interest them.

Do Really Good SEO

I can’t stress enough that your site will go nowhere unless you are practicing good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). See my review of Jaaxy, the SEO tool that I use, by clicking here. If does not matter how great your content is, if people aren’t presented with your content, your site is dead in the water. Good SEO presents the information to your potential clients. So, make good use of your SEO tools and be sure to look into Jaaxy.

Do Excellent Research

Never forget that your reader has the internet and can search to see if your content is true or not. Do not present your opinions as FACT unless you have sources to back it up. If you are telling your readers the truth, it will be VERY simple for them to verify that, and will make the difference in their opinion of you, After all, you want to appear as the authority on your subject matter, not a hack that makes up “fake news”.

Tips for Writing a Good PostDo Not Plagiarize

One of the worst things you can do when creating content, is to steal another writer’s work and pass it off as your own. That is a huge turn-off to your readers. In certain circumstances a plagiarizer can be sued for copy write infringement. At the very least, if you are in school, you can suffer disciplinary actions. So, just don’t do it. In today’s internet world, you will very easily get caught.

Site Your Sources

In addition to not copying someone else’s work, you should site the sources of your content. This also lends validity to your content and invokes trust from your readers. Always tell where you got the information. The readers will find out where you got it anyway, so do it the trustworthy way.

Use Internal and External Links

A great way to help readers get the most out of your content, is to include internal and external links. Internal links are great because if you have already written at length about a subject, and it overlaps your new post, you can link to that already-written text. And the reader can check it out, leading to perhaps having the reader stay longer on your site, which is always a good thing.

Adding external links makes you more of an authority on your subject matter, because you are basically backing up what you are telling people. This can be as easy as linking a Wikipedia definition to a term you are using. This shows the reader that you really have done your research.

Tips for Writing a Good PostWrite Compelling Headlines

Be sure to include your keyword-researched phrase in your headline, but also add in a little more to make the headline jump out. You want to say something enticing that will make the reader want to stay and read through what you have to say. So, while keeping on your message, add something eye-catching to your post title.

Make Text Easy to Read

You want people to read your content, and therefore read your text. Obscure fonts and dark colored backgrounds with white text are REALLY hard to read. Common ordinary text such as New Times Roman, black, on a white background is the way to go.

As an example, Google uses black on white, with blue links, written in a simple font. They have done millions of dollars in research, and they know what makes a person stay and read. So if I were you, I would follow their example. So don’t go with the Old English or the Segoe Script just because you think it’s cool. Your readers won’t be your readers for very long.

Insert White Space

Ease in reading also includes adding in “white space”. This is where you leave spaces in your text and between your pictures. A crowded site is almost as distracting as a too many bells and whistles! Make sure your paragraphs are short, only 2-3 sentences, and that will get you some good white space between your text lines.

Use Subheadings to Break Up Text

Just as adding white space helps with readability, using subheadings also helps the reader get from point to point throughout the article. You want to make these subheadings catchy and interesting as well, as some readers will skim the page to see if they want to read further. If your subheadings are eye-catching, you may entice them to read further.

Tips for Writing a Good PostUse Bullet Points and Numbered Lists

Bullet points and numbered lists help organize your content, and help the reader pick out items that are important to them. They add another element of visual interest, that breaks up the paragraph-after-paragraph format that some readers lose interest in. Besides, people love lists. If you can add in lists or steps a person can take to your content, you will add another element of interest.

Stay On Topic

The reader came to your site to learn about your specific niche. They want information on that topic and nothing else, I mentioned in another post that I was giving feedback on a website that talked about party planning, but then veered off on a review of her bicycle. It was confusing and off-putting, and I very soon clicked away without continuing the critique. So don’t digress!

Add Interesting Images

There are dozens of places to get free images, and you can certainly take your own pictures. Choose pictures that are as close to your content meaning as possible, therefore be very specific in your image searches. Also, try to have all of your pictures in a post be the same theme or have them all relate to each other. Really take your time when selecting images for your site. It could mean the difference between a person staying on your page or clicking away.

You want your website to be interesting, but not overdone with a lot of stock photographs. My rule of thumb is to always have one picture showing as you scroll down the page. And make that picture specific to the information it will be nearest.

Tips for Writing a Good PostAdd Video Elements When Possible

People who surf the web LOVE videos. You can make them yourself with your cell phone, or you can link to the millions of videos in YouTube.

Use Calls to Action

Tell your readers what you want them to do. Do you want them to comment or ask questions? Do you want them to buy your product? Do you want them to relate their own stories and share their experiences? TELL THEM! Make your call to action easily seen and easy to do.

Most Of All, Be Yourself

Be a human. Don’t try to pass yourself off as someone you are not. State what YOUR interest is in the subject matter. For instance, my subject here is affiliate marketing for grandparents. I write about this subject because I had questions about earning extra money as a grandparent and a very-near-future retiree who has no retirement savings. I wanted to research what can be done in my circumstance, and found that there are MILLIONS of people like me in the same boat. So I’m writing what I find, in hopes that it helps another grandmother like me.

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Put your questions and comments below, and thanks for reading!

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Rhonda Stetson


  1. I love your ideas and thoughts on this page. I will definitely need to have my parents read through this and check out your recommendations. WA seems to be a great place and the community sounds amazing. Training in this sort of thing is definitely something my parents would need as they are not the most tech savvy. Does WA show you how to do all of the website builds, etc?


    • Hi Don, thanks for reading and commenting, and especially for sharing this information with your parents.  Yes, Wealthy Affiliate provides training for building a website, plus teaches you how to get your website recognized by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and they help with maintaining your site as well.  It has been a great place to learn for me, and I’m sure your parents will find it helpful since they are getting into affiliate marketing as well.  Thanks again for your comments!  Rhonda

  2. Ronda,

    This post is great, even though technically I am not a grandparent yet, but I am sure at that age…lol  I find a lot of great value in this that I can use just getting my feet wet in the online marketing platform. And you follow your information beautifully. 

    Your website is wonderfully put together and very user friendly. Easy to navigate and very informative.

    I haven’t thought much about adding bullet points, and numbered list, but I will keep that in mind after reading this post.

    About adding video to a post from YouTube, do we need to contact the creator and ask permission to put it on our website?

    • Hi Cindy, thanks for your comments.  I am glad you found value in what I wrote and can use my hints in your own writing.  I love bullet points and find them very useful in all my writing.  

      In answer to your question about YouTube videos, I looked up what they say on Wealthy Affiliate, which is where my website is hosted.  And here is what one of the experts said: 

      “If video published on YouTube as Pubic video it means the owner of the video agreed that his/her video content can be shared anywhere. So it means, if you share it, mention that it is the video of this person and you can do it without any permission as Youtube has public agreement with all their users and you agree with it when download your video. I can’t edit the video of the other persons without their permission or to use it as the video you create by your own. All the other is covered by public agreement of YouTube. I hope it will help.”  You can find this here:  https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co

      I hope this answers your question.  Thanks again for reading and commenting, and for asking a great question that I needed to know myself!  Rhonda

  3. Excellent guidelines on how to write good post. This review is very useful and informative. It is not only useful for grand parents but also to anyone that want to gain financial freedom through blogging or affiliate marketing. All these tips you’ve mentioned are definitely a backbone to a successful write-up. Carrying audience along is also one of the priorities that must be considered while creating a post. I learnt that a cumbersome post can scare readers away so there should always be a white space between post. This review will be of help to many grandparents willing to start this kind of business either for fun to get rid of boredom, paying bills or share knowledge for younger generation to benefit.

    • Thank you, Stella, for reading and commenting.  You made some great points in your comments.  I agree that carrying your reader along through to the end is a top priority, so it’s important to keep your content fresh and exciting throughout.  And I agree about the white space.  Again, I appreciate your comments and thank you for reading.  Rhonda

  4. Excellent markting niche. I’m one of your target market. I’ll bookmark your page and see what I can do to gain some insight and understanding from it.

    I’ve been an entrepreneur and a sales person most of my life. So, I’ve used the internet for social media marketing, communicating with email, and CRM for customer management. This online business thing is new and complex and I’m finding that I need multiple sources of information to improve my comfort and understanding of what I’m doing. 

    I’m more of an analyst, numbers guy, so writing is something I do out of necessity. This article is an important reminder of how to make my writing more effective.

    This review of writing gave me some reassurance that I’m on the right track.

    It’s a good day.


    • Mike, thank you so much for your comments.  I’m with you; until recently, this was all new to me.  However, I have always loved writing.  But these considerations helped me format my writing into something useful.  I am so glad you are bookmarking my site.  Thanks again for reading and commenting!  Rhonda 

    • Hi Mike! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate you stopping by. Best of luck to you! Rhonda

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