How to Find an Affiliate Program – And How to Integrate Affiliate Programs into Your Website

How to Find an Affiliate ProgramThe Key to affiliate marketing would naturally be to find affiliate partner programs that pay. Affiliate marketing is indeed a numbers game. You are trying to reach numbers of people with your content, and thereby have them make purchases from within your website. So it’s important to get a number of really good affiliate partners. In this article, I will tell you how to find an affiliate program that will be great for your website’s earning potential.

You’ve Already Found Your Niche

Let’s say that you have already decided on your niche, and you have picked Gardening as your subject. You will probably want to discuss soil composition, watering, sunlight, the bests seeds, seed starting methods, etc. Maybe you even want to do product reviews on gardening equipment, fertilizers, etc. , and perhaps evaluate stores where you buy supplies too.

There is a lot about gardening that you can talk about in a niche website. You could narrow gardening down to just vegetables, or just organics, or you can even branch off into canning and harvesting your produce. Whichever direction you decide to take, there are hundreds of affiliate programs that will go with any given subject.

Brainstorm on Where You Buy Things Connected To Your Niche

Start thinking about what you need to perform within your niche. For gardening, you would need tools, topsoil, seeds, seedlings, row marking items, gloves, knee pads, even mosquito repellent. You might want books on gardening or you might want to review a gardening method, such as the Aerogarden.

Now, think about where you buy all of this stuff. Do you go to big box stores or specialty stores? Do you go to the local mom-and-pop store or the nationwide chain? Do you get topsoil by the bag at the home improvement store, or do you get it by the truckload from a nursery or even a gravel pit? Write down all of those places you buy things for your gardening.

OK, start with the big box stores. They all have gardening supplies, and they all have affiliate programs. Examples would be Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon. Then go with your neighborhood stores, such as Ace Hardware, True Value, Do It Best, for starters. Think about your seed catalogs. Think about the makers of Miracle Grow and other fertilizers. Think about producers of pesticides. Anywhere you get things for your garden might have an affiliate program.

Also, the Jaaxy SEO tool has an affiliate search that recommends affiliates for the niche you choose. So take advantage of this tool to further your research for affiliate partners.

How to Find an Affiliate ProgramLook Up Affiliate Programs

Go to your Google home page, and type in “Affiliate + [store name]” and hit enter. A list of websites will appear. The affiliate programs are usually 3 or 4 entries down the list.

Click on the affiliate programs listed. , and follow the instructions. Be prepared to give your social security number and personal information. Also, be prepared to answer questions about your website. They will want to know about your method of generating traffic in your niche, plus some things about the amount of traffic you are getting with the site. If you don’t know the answers, or even what they are talking about in the questions, be sure to Google the questions, or ask your fellow Wealthy Affiliate members, and answer as best you can.

Affiliate Networks

Almost all of my affiliate partners are in affiliate networks. An affiliate network is a large company that handles affiliate marketing for stores. They handle communication, affiliate links and banners, and the payment of the publishers like yourself. The main ones are Shareasale and CJAffiliates.

Once you are accepted into an affiliate network, you can apply within the network for the stores you want to represent. They have search engines that cover either merchants or products. Use the search engine to find your affiliates.

The affiliate programs for your favorite stores will often tell you if they are in an affiliate network, and will often tell you which one they belong to. However, you may go through the entire application process, only to find out the affiliate program is with a network you already belong to. At that point, you can abandon the application process and log into the affiliate network, and apply within the network for the business you were originally applying for.

How to Find an Affiliate ProgramOrganize Your Affiliate Partners

It is extremely important, before you start to apply for affiliate partners, to set up a spread sheet to keep track of your affiliates. You will have website addresses, affiliate links, log in user names and passwords, and several other bits of information you will want to organize. You will also want to keep track of the date you applied and what the status is of your application. If often takes a week or two to be accepted, and if you’re an old grandparent like me, you won’t remember who you applied for, when, and why. So do what you need to do to keep track of your affiliate partners.

Precautions to Take When Applying for Affiliate Programs

Beware of scams while researching your affiliate partners. Here are a few things you can do to assure you aren’t putting your personal data at risk:

  • Beware of strange looking website addresses and email addresses that have nothing to do with the affiliate partner.
  • Double back to the affiliate partner’s official website to assure you are talking to the right people.
  • It’s best to set up a separate bank account when dealing with affiliate partners. If your information does get breached, your website banking is separate from your person banking.
  • Using a buffer like PayPal can help keep your personal information safe.

Start Using Affiliate Programs in Your Website

You can start using your affiliate links and banners once you are approved by the affiliate network and your selected vendors.

Your spreadsheet can help a great deal, to keep track of where you have posted affiliate links. You may at some point have to go back through your content to change links. I had an affiliate cancel their program, so I had to go back and find everywhere I had referenced the affiliate, and unlink the text. I was glad I keep track of what pages I had used the affiliate.

Here’s a video on how to use affiliate links in your website:

How to Find an Affiliate Program

Landing Page

Be careful with how much you use your affiliate links. Google will tend to reject indexing your content if they find your website continually hammers people about buying product. To reduce the potential for this issue, it’s a great idea to have a landing page.

A landing page can be a product review page or a list of helpful gardening stores. This is how a landing page functions: Put together your landing page with your affiliate partner links. Then, in all your other posts, link your affiliate partners to the products or stores on your landing page. Google likes internal links, so you will have internal links to your landing page, where all your external links to your affiliates are.

You can use a few affiliate links here and there in your content, but be mindful of Google’s algorithms, and use them sparingly.


In affiliate marketing, getting great affiliate partners is key to earning money with your website. Be savvy with your use of affiliate partners, and you will begin to earn on your website.  Perhaps the easiest way to learn affiliate marketing and get all the tools you need to have a successful, money-earning website, is to join Wealthy Affiliate.  Learn affiliate marketing with hands-training that is the best in the world.  Join Wealthy Affiliate today.  Free membership is available!  Thank you for reading, and please add your comments and questions below!  

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Rhonda Stetson


  1. Dear Rhonda,

    Thanks a lot for the informative & insightful post and I have got great insights from your post.

    For every Blogger and Affiliate marketer finding the right affiliate program and integrating it in their website is bit a struggle in their early stage. You have provided valuable information and I strongly believe your post gonna save a lot of people time and effort.

    While choosing the affiliate programs choose the best and quality programs or products. Many people choose the one with high commission, its not about the money first. It’s about helping the customers first and the money will automatically follows. Our recommendations need to add more value to the people who buy it and doing that we will be very successful in affiliate marketing for the longer run.

    The precautions you shared are very helpful. How I wish I had found your post sooner when I first started! I had to go through the old way of trial and errors.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

    Much Success!


    • Thanks Paul for your comments.  You have made a great point that I didn’t put in my post, about chosing only products that help customers in your niche and not going for the high dollar ones just because they are high dollar.  I only chose products that fit with my niche.  I had a lot of trial and error while setting up my first website so I know how you feel.  Thanks again for your comments!  Rhonda

  2. Hello Rhonda, 

    Looks like I caught your article at the right time. Recently, I am getting more traffic to my website and my Amazon Associates account got approved. Yes, finally got my first 3 sales! So, now is the right time for progression. I am looking at other affiliates programs but have not decided. Should it be Shareasale or Clickbank? 

    Anyway, thanks for pointing out the precautions when applying which I never thought of. Also, a good tip in organizing the details of affiliate partners and links. No matter what age we are, it is definitely good to be organized. Nowadays, young people can be as forgetful 😉

    Thanks again,


    • Hello Sharon.  Thanks for reading and commenting!  Shareasale has a pretty good program.  Clickbank seemed to specialize in certain products that I couldn’t see using in my webite.  I have though seriously of doing a website that just promoted Clickbank, as others have done.  So, you won’t go wrong either way.  I’m so happy you found my information useful.  Thanks again for reading!  Rhonda

  3. I think that the topic will be of great interest to a lot of people, not just grand parents. Newbies to internet marketing, like me, will get a great deal of information that will help to increase their understanding of how affiliate marketing works. The example subject within the topic, I found to be very informative, so much so, that not being a gardener made me want to do that niche. I won’t though. 

    In the topic you explained that keeping track of your affiliate information is important, as is a separate banking account, you advised a spread sheet setup. Do you think that an example of a spreadsheet layout, that could be downloaded, would be of assistance to someone that is not familiar with spreadsheets?.

    The advice about scams and banking security was very good and would not be something that a lot of newbies would be aware of. 

    • Hi Graham, thanks for your comments.  Yes, I thought about the example spread sheet, but didn’t think about putting in an empty sheet until just now.  I didn’t want to show my full spread sheet because I didn’t want my personal affiliate links to be shown.  I will work on a blank copy for you.  I am so glad you got some good info from my post.  Thanks again for reading and commenting.  Rhonda

  4. I love the information in this post! You really make it easy to follow and motivational! Do you have any extra suggestions on how to successfully implement affiliate links into your blog and social media accounts? 

    I love the way you have a video included and your links in red to make them obvious. I’m looking forward to reading more of your articles! 

    • Hello Belinda, Thanks for reading and commenting.  Oh yes, I have another affiliate program suggestion.  Check in with your affiliate partners regularly, because they change their banners often, and sometimes offer coupons for your readers to use.  Be ready to change out your banners and links regularly.  Thanks for the comment about the red links.  My hosting theme made them red, and I wondered if people liked that.  Thanks again for your comments!  Rhonda

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